"Tragic Demise of Angus Cloud: The 25-Year-Old Euphoria Actor Who Portrayed 'Fez'"


According to a statement sent by his family on Monday, 25-year-old Angus Cloud, a fan favorite of the television show "Euphoria," has departed away. Angus struggled with suicidal thoughts after returning from Ireland, according to family members, ever since his father was buried a week ago. According to his representatives, Angus passed away at his family's Oakland, California, residence. To process his grief, he had been residing with his relatives there. "We can take comfort in knowing that Angus is now reunited with his father, who was his closest friend," the family said in a statement. They said, "Angus was open about his mental health struggles and we hope his passing serves as a reminder to others that they are not alone and should not silently battle this fight."

Responders were sent to the actor's home at 11:30 AM, according to a spokesperson for the Oakland Fire Department, but they discovered via email that the patient had already died away. It is not yet known what caused the death.

Fans flooded Cloud's Instagram comment area with condolences on Monday after learning of his passing. His most recent message, which appeared to be a tribute to his father, drew sincere condolences.

A commenter said, "You both are together again, dear talented soul, gone too soon." Another commenter wrote, "Sending love and sincere regrets. He was really cute.

A casting agent found Cloud, who rose to renown for his breakthrough performance as Fezco in the HBO series "Euphoria," on the streets. Before the show, he had never engaged in professional acting. His endearing and humorous character rapidly won over the hearts of the show's ardent followers.

In a March interview with ID Magazine, Cloud said that he distinguished himself from other actors by choosing not to pursue stardom for the part. He remarked, "They were working hard and saying, 'I'm going to make this to the top. "Not having that thought was fantastic for me. I had no idea it would progress this far.


On Monday, HBO released a statement on its social media accounts expressing "heartfelt sadness" for Cloud's passing. He was praised by the corporation for being incredibly brilliant and a cherished member of the HBO and "Euphoria" family. On this sad occasion, they sent their sincere condolences to his friends and family. The creator of "Euphoria," Sam Levinson, too expressed sorrow and grief on Cloud's loss.

There was nobody like Angus, according to a statement from the director. He was exceptional, brilliant, and was taken from us at an early age. He was battling sadness and the allure of addiction, just like many of us. I wish he was aware of the number of hearts he affected.

The portrayal of Fezco, a drug dealer who resided with his grandmother, by Cloud was incredibly well-liked by the audience. Online viewers responded favorably to Fezco's beginning of a romantic engagement with Maude Apatow's Lexi character in the most recent season. With his little foster brother, Ashtray, whom Fezco took on the task of caring for, he formed one of the series' strongest connections.

A firefight with the police that resulted in Ashtray's death at the end of season two is regarded by many as one of Cloud's best acting performances in the show.

Ashtray's actor Javon Walton paid respect to Cloud on Instagram by stating, "Rest easy, brother." Fans remarked that Cloud's manner was becoming to resemble his character as he participated in more interviews. He admitted to Variety last year that he was mentally exhausted for a few days after performing as generally cold roles. I'm a very laid-back, stupid guy," Cloud admitted. But Fezco rarely chuckles or beams.

Since making his acting debut in "Euphoria" in 2019, Cloud's individual dress sense has also been on show, adding character and flair to red-carpet occasions. He claimed in his ID interview that frequenting Oakland, California's resale stores contributed to the development of his distinctive sense of style. The precise reason for Angus Cloud's passing is still a mystery. There have been murmurs and conjectures, but nothing is confirmed. The actor's family is in mourning, so it's important to talk about his passing delicately.


The cause of death was not mentioned in a statement that Cloud's family released on July 31, 2023. The article did say that Angus suffered immensely after the death of his father and asked for solitude and respect during this trying period.

His family issued an official statement of Angus Cloud's passing. It acknowledged his passing but did not go into depth about what caused it. The declaration emphasized Angus's severe difficulties following the passing of his father, sparking more conjecture. Officially, the precise cause of death has not been disclosed. However, there have been no confirmed suicide reports despite numerous hints to the contrary.

The passing of Angus Cloud has caused waves of sorrow and compassion. On social media, friends, coworkers, and fans shared their sorrow. The young actor was adored and held in high regard.

Numerous mental health projects have been launched in Angus Cloud's honor. These organizations work to increase public awareness of suicide prevention and mental health issues. Through these initiatives and his fascinating performances, he will definitely leave a lasting impact. Angus Cloud was renowned for keeping his personal affairs quiet. However, he was candid about his difficulties with anxiety and despair during his "Euphoria" audition. His aim to spread awareness about mental health was the driving force behind his portrayal of Fezco.

He publicly discussed his struggles with mental illness and gave voice to people who frequently suffer in silence. His strong public stance on these matters gave his professional persona a sincere dimension.

Angus Cloud's death's mysterious cause has given rise to various speculations. When paying tribute to his memory, it's crucial to distinguish between truth and rumor. The official statement from the family continues to be the most trustworthy source of information at this time.

Misinformation and misrepresentation are widespread after such sad situations. Respecting Angus Cloud's legacy appropriately requires relying only on reliable sources of information.

Others will be motivated by Angus Cloud's contributions to acting and mental health awareness. He made use of his talent to advance crucial conversations and his skills to encourage constructive change. His dedication to bringing about constructive change won't be forgotten.

His influence goes well beyond his work as an actor. He will be cherished for his kindness and commitment to improving the world. He made a lasting impression on the entertainment sector as well as on mental health awareness.

An amazing talent, Angus Cloud was lost too soon. His contributions and the programs started in his honor will live on forever. It is fitting to remember and celebrate the accomplishments of a young star whose life was sadly cut short.

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