Top 10 Players With The Most Wickets in Test Cricket


Top 10 Players With The Most Wickets in Test Cricket

The peak of the sport, Test cricket, has seen some of the most incredible feats of ability, tenacity, and strategic knowledge throughout its historic history. Teams have based their achievements on the skill of bowling, whether it is through blistering pace or hypnotic spin. Let's go into the biographies of the top 10 cricketers who have mesmerized fans of the game with their mastery of the ball on the biggest stage of them all and left batsmen perplexed.

1. Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka): Wickets: 800

Against Australia in 1992, Muttiah Muralitharan made his test debut for Sri Lanka. Among all bowlers on the globe, he possessed a distinctive bowling motion. From 1992 until 2010, Muralitharan played test cricket for 18 years. at his final encounter, which he played against India at Galle, he took 8 wickets. The most wickets ever taken in a test match are by Muralitharan. In 133 test matches, he has taken 800 wickets, including 67 fours. He has 67 wickets, which is the most by any bowler in test cricket history. You heard that right. Almost every batsman in the world that he faced with success.

2. Shane Warne (Australia): Wickets: 708

The world has arguably never seen a leg spinner as good as Shane Warne. His statistics are conclusive evidence of how his variations tormented all batsmen worldwide. In 1992, Shane Warne faced off against India in his debut test match. In his first game, he only caught one cricket. But nobody was aware that this player had the potential to finish his career with more than 700 wickets. In 2007, Warne played his final test against England. In test cricket, Shane Warne is the second-highest wicket-taker, and he has held the record for 13 years.

3. James Anderson (England): Wickets: 628

James Anderson, an English fast bowler, has taken the third-most wickets in test cricket history. In 2003 against Zimbabwe, James Anderson made his test cricket debut. He is renowned for his ball-swinging skills. The "Swing King" can swing the ball both ways and move the batsman along at a respectable (135 km/h) speed. In 183 appearances so far, he has 32 wickets for 628 runs. The only fast bowler with 600 test wickets is him. Anderson is currently 40 years old and presumably has a few more seasons left in him. 

4. Anil Kumble (India): Wickets: 619

Anil Kumble has taken 619 wickets in 132 test matches, making him the fourth-greatest wicket-taker in Test cricket history and the highest wicket-taker for India. He has 35 five-wicket hauls in the game's longest format. In 1990, Kumble faced England in his first Test match. He has 18 years of experience playing test cricket for India. His final game was in 2008 against Australia. In an inning of Test cricket, Kumble holds the record for the greatest bowling figure (10/74) with a strike against Pakistan in Delhi in 1999. Anil would bowl with a little bit of pace over 100 km/hr and little to no spin; it took batsmen 16–17 years to figure this out.

5. Glenn McGrath (Australia): Wickets: 563

From 1993 until 2007, the Australian superstar played 14 seasons of test cricket. In 1993, Glenn faced New Zealand in his first test match. The Australian fast bowlers with the most wickets are led by Mcgrath. For his line, length, and swing, Mcgrath is renowned. In every location he has played, he has taken wickets. McGrath has taken 563 wickets in 124 test matches, surpassing the five-wicket threshold 29 times. Among the top 10 highest wicket-takers, he has the highest bowling average (21.6).

6. Courtney Walsh (West Indies): Wickets: 519

The only player from the Caribbean on the list is Courtney Walsh. He is regarded as one of history's greatest fast bowlers, particularly from the 19th century. Walsh took part in his maiden test match in 1984 against Australia and finished his career as the West Indies' leading wicket-taker with 519 dismissals from 132 games.  At the end of his career, he also had the most wickets among pacers in tests. He is the first bowler in test cricket history to record 500 wickets.

7. Nathan Lyon (Australia): Wickets: 496

Nathan Lyon, the finest off-spinner to ever represent Australia, holds the eighth-most wickets in test history. In the longest format, Lyon has played 122 times for Australia and has 496 victories to his credit. The spinner has four ten-fers in his red-ball career and 23 five-wicket hauls to date.

8. Ravichandran Ashwin (India): Wickets: 489

With 489 wickets in 94 games, Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is ninth in terms of most test wickets taken. The expert spinner recently overtook Kapil Dev to move into second place among Indian wicket-takers. With a respectable average of 23.65, Ashwin has amassed 34 field goals so far.

9. Dale Steyn (South Africa): Wickets: 439

The 10-highest wicket-taker overall and the lone South African bowler on this list is Dale Steyn. The legendary African fast bowler is arguably the greatest of this decade. In 93 games over the course of his 15-year test career (2004-2019), he has taken 439 wickets. His cricket career has been littered with mishaps. He did, however, bowl as hard as he could until the end of his Test career. He is the only bowler in history to have five wickets against every country that participates in test cricket. He has taken the most wickets for South Africa in Test cricket, and from 2008 to 2014, he held the top spot in the test rankings for six straight years.

10. Kapil Dev (India): Wickets: 434

One of the best all-around players to ever play the game is Kapil Dev. On the top list of fast bowlers with the most test wickets, he is the only Indian. The 1983 World Cup champion represented India in 131 test matches between 1978 and 1994 and dazzled everyone with his incredible outswinger. The most among Indian fast bowlers, he has taken 434 test wickets. The eleventh-highest wicket-taker in test cricket is Kapil Dev. In testing, he has also amassed 5248 runs.


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