Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology


Can you imagine your life without technology? I think the answer is no, and that's a scary thought. Technology gives us access to more information. It has integrated into our lives, made everything more convenient, and provided us with a wealth of knowledge. Remember that you are currently using technology to read this content. We use technology in all aspects of our lives. It can help us connect with others, discover new destinations, or achieve our goals and dreams. Without technology, we would be at a loss.

Negative effects of modern technology:

The purpose of this article is to discuss the merits of the technology and its risks. The benefits of modern technology are many. First, the transfer of education and knowledge has become extremely easy and convenient. We use the internet to connect with schools, universities, and colleges, and even take online lessons from the comfort of our homes. Modern technology requires educators to learn how to integrate these technologies into their teaching and become proficient in their use. As John and Urs Gasser describe it: “The most important thing a school can do is not to use technology more in the curriculum, but to use it more effectively.” We can read that in the United States, public schools now provide at least one computer per student year. They spend more than $3 billion a year on digital resources to make it easier for students. Under the leadership of the federal government, the country is making significant efforts to provide affordable high-speed Internet access and free online educational resources in most rural schools. village.

In the next paragraph, let's discuss the benefits of modern technology in healthcare. The smart inhaler is the most important advancement in the field and is the primary treatment option for asthma. Before infusion, nurses must inject regularly; Infusion pump technology has automated this process. Now nurses are freed up for other activities, and if manufacturers used the technology to manufacture infusion pumps - as they certainly will - it is believed that this could significantly reduce production costs, which accelerates cost savings. They generate a huge amount of information, from X-ray results to blood tests to patient profiling. Using computer summaries instead of paper charts makes patient care easier and more efficient. The use of modern technology will be essential to collect data on diseases, treatments, and patient outcomes, providing automated information about the effectiveness of treatments or the relationship between side effects. and patient characteristics for the entire population. David Blumenthal describes it as follows: "Computers are the cornerstone of medical practice, and medical informatics is intended as the system for communicating that information." In the future, there will be a clear distinction between security and protection. In healthcare, this has different meanings:

Safety means protecting patients and workers from harm. The impact of medical technology includes social and ethical issues. For example, doctors can get factual information from patient records instead of reading personalized patient reports, making it easier.  

We can still make progress in this area and we will discuss modern robotics, which have made significant advances and contributions in the field of healthcare. Robotic systems can help doctors perform a variety of tasks, and their adoption in hospitals reduces errors. Surgical robots are an example of a robotic system that provides surgeons with greater flexibility and precision in manipulating tissues and organs (Kaul and Navneeta, 2018). These systems are equipped with 3D imaging technology and can accurately translate the surgeon's hand movements with minimal vibration to perform surgical procedures. Other robotic systems help diagnose cancer and aid in treatment. Scientists are working to develop the next generation of robotic systems for knee and hip replacement surgeries. Assistant robots will also play an important role in reducing the workload of conventional medical staff. They can help nurses perform tasks that involve handling multiple instruments simultaneously, reducing errors.

In the field of dental imaging, intraoral radiography remains one of the most commonly used radiographic techniques in dental imaging. It provides important information about the bone structure around the teeth, the internal anatomy of the body, and related medical conditions for the dentist to help diagnose conditions such as tooth decay. Extraoral dental imaging provides diagnostic imaging of the craniofacial complex (Brooks SL and Hesney KE, 2004). 3D printing technology can be used to improve or create better dentures, solve dental restoration problems and manufacture complex dentures. The ability to create complex geometries using 3D printing enables the manufacture of dental restorations such as screw implants, providing a snug solution.

Moving to e-commerce, participating in transactions between countries, cities, and individuals used to be difficult and time-consuming. However, now we can trade within minutes. The rapid spread of the Internet has made it easy for everyone to participate in e-commerce, and most developed countries rely on e-commerce. Electronic commerce is defined as the electronic process by which individuals, countries, or organizations buy, sell, transfer, or exchange products, services, and information, facilitating transactions (Turban, McLean, and Wetherbe, 2004).

Turning to agriculture, the goal of modern technology in the process is to increase food production. Computer monitoring systems and automated guidance programs are used to optimize the use of tractors and advanced equipment, making them more efficient and waste less fuel, fertilizer, and grain. more similar. Organic fertilizers have replaced inorganic fertilizers in stable crops, fertilizers, and nitrogen-fixing crops. The main challenge of sustainable agriculture is to make the most of these internal resources. New diseases affecting crops can be treated with modern technology and the use of broad-spectrum pesticides is being replaced by biological pest control. Akinkumi Adesina said about it:

“Until Africa adopts modern technology, our farmers:

productivity will remain low and we will continue to depend on others for our sustenance. Three success factors in this:

integrated pest management, nutrient recycling, and the use of technologies that conserve and retain soil and water. Crop sensors help farmers fertilize more efficiently, making their use more efficient. This allows you to get a feel for how your plants are feeling and reduces the potential for leaks and runoff into groundwater. Mobile technology and cameras play an important role for farmers.  

Negative effects of modern technology

Education is the most important thing, and there are also some disadvantages to smart classrooms. School administrators need more money in their budgets to keep their schools up to date with the latest technologies in education. Every day, a new version of the software is developed and it is not only difficult to keep up, but it is also difficult to provide financial support for these resources. Schools must designate who manages and uses these resources. To achieve this, it is necessary to make the necessary changes to classroom teaching techniques and technologies. David Warlick described it as follows:

“We need technology in every classroom and the hands of every student and teacher because it is the pen and paper of our time and the prism through which we experience much of our world. me." To embrace these modern teaching techniques and technologies in schools, staff training programs or additional funding are required, as teachers themselves may not be proficient in the use of these tools. this teaching tool.

Inconsistent use of electronic technology can impair a student's ability to solve problems. Not all parents are capable of being savvy with modern technology, so they do not provide any form of support or educational assistance to their children. Students will always be connected to the computer, which may affect their eyes. When the continuous learning process depends on electronic technology, it will lead to a lack of creativity in students and the classroom becomes boring without interaction with the teacher. Frequent breakdowns of electronic technology can lead to several hours of lost learning. And since not all parents are capable of understanding modern technology, they do not provide any form of support or educational assistance to their children. Students will always be connected to the computer, which may affect their eyes. When the continuous learning process depends on electronic technology, it will lead to a lack of creativity in students and the classroom becomes boring without interaction with the teacher. Frequent breakdowns of electronic technology can lead to several hours of lost learning. Reliance on technology is one of the worst; As society becomes more technologically advanced, people become more dependent on other forms of technology such as computers and everyday devices. When a machine breaks or a computer breaks down, a person is almost incapacitated until the problem is rectified. Such dependence on technology makes it difficult for people to become less independent and less creative in life. Albert Einstein said about it: "It's clear that our technology has surpassed humanity."

In the workplace, some problems related to technology will reduce the value of human labor. Since machines run processes and a single computer does the work of 20 people, companies find it unnecessary to hire so many people to complete tasks. And as Bill Gates described it:

"Humanity's greatest advances lie not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequality." As machines and computers become more skilled, the debate about the impact of technology is getting fiercer and it will continue to have a global impact. 

Concerns Approximately Information Protection

We are confronting an issue with information protection, and each day a considerable sum of information is collected from all of us. When we visit an online, site from treats that log us in on our gadgets to making buys or doing anything, a critical portion of our private lives is put away on HDDs, SSDs, or servers. Anyone can get to our points of interest, such as where we live, where we work, what we do, and who our closest relatives are.


Cutting-edge innovation has been quickly embraced and utilized around the world. This investigation centers on distinguishing the benefits of cutting-edge innovations in different fields. We ought to create our innovation to help in different things and minimize the negative impacts of innovation by tending to them proactively. In this survey, we have talked about the aberrations between mechanical improvement in instruction, well-being, e-commerce, and farming, as well as the negatives related to mechanical advancement. Developed nations within the field of innovation are among the foremost progressed nations, with getting to electricity and investment funds in labor costs. Numerous of us ought to utilize innovation at the proper time and in the right way.

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